Graphic design tailored to deliver your message.

A picture speaks a thousand words right? That’s why Builtflat’s graphic design services can enhance your message and communicate your brand's value to your customers.

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Our design experience makes us flexible to best capture your brand's message.

Design plays a key role in showcasing a brand, a service, or a product. While being an informative message, it also needs to be beautiful to stand out against the rest.

Brand identity & research.

We don’t just design logos, we can develop the entire branding and message for your business. We incorporate thorough research on your business structure, your offerings, and your customer base to aid all our graphic design development projects.

We make sure your branding conveys a consistent message through our design. This establishes a connection with your customers to better serve them and build a trusting relationship.

With the right design decisions, you can be sure that your brand will be recognised as a leader in your industry to new and existing customers.

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Brand Research

We get a clear understanding of your brand, and its message. We then translate that message into every design we create for you. To keep it consistent and to the point.

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Scale your design to any size, for display online, or a real world digital print. Our designs are created so that they can scale to any size, without losing quality.

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Every pixel matters

We make sure every pixel we create is there for a reason. We understand what makes a design stand out. No more unnecessary clutter in your designs.

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Different Mediums

Here at Builtflat, we aren't limited to only digital design. We are more than capable of delivering your graphic design work in other forms of mediums, such as magazines and posters.

Catalogues & Magazines

Having a high quality magazine is key to show casing a brand, service, or product.

A well-designed magazine tells compelling stories that are aided with design to help the overall flow and engagement your customers experience. This not only draws your customers in for more and more, it means they don’t miss out on what's important, your message.

Although sometimes more technical, catelogues can drastically be improved with graphic design. Combining the necessary information with visual aids, thought-out layouts, and imagery, Builtflat can create engaging and user-friendly catelogues for your customers.

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Convey a memorable message with no compromise to design.

Information through design

When it comes to delivering a message to your customers, it’s important to make it appealing. Giving the viewer a sense of design hierarchy can leave a memorable impact on your customers about your brand.

Design without limits

We are capable of designing at any size. Teaming up with our clients to let our imaginations run wild. We make sure there are no limitations to the message our clients want to send, and we pair that message with beautiful graphics and imagery.

Find our service list below.

We strive to provide a wide range of different services to help meet your businesses needs. If you require a service, and it's not listed below, please contact us to see if we can help.

Logo Design

Logos are a visual identifier for your brand. We make sure your brand is memorable and recognisable at first glance.


Displaying a lot of information can be tricky. Using inforgraphics to display your information or data can be a good approach.


We can design informative and gorgeous catalogues that easily communicate your content to the reader.


Designing visually pleasing, structured magazines that engage your readers with your content. We've got that covered.

Creative Media Stratergy

We map out your entire creative media stratergy in a simple and easy to understand format so that you're prepared to launch.

Brand Research

Researching your brand is a integral part of creative design. This keeps all messaging consistant throughout your branding.

Social Media Design

Creating the content that will be displayed throughout your social channels. We build these to engage your audience.

Marketing Design

We help get our clients ideas and brands online for them to gain growth and exposure. Take a moment to view.

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We’ve worked with and will continue to work with many clients from all around the world. Check out our collection of previous projects we’ve worked on to showcase what Builtflat is capable of.

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