Welcome to Builtflat.

The idea behind Builtflat was created in 2018 over a couple of beers at the local pub. Our directors Jaromme and Sam saw a massive gap in the New Zealand market for design driven websites that didn’t compromise on functionality. With that, we had our mission. To bring digital platforms with gorgeous and optimised designs to New Zealanders and the rest of the world at affordable prices.

A little about ourselves.

The team at Builtflat all share the same drive to achieve our mission, to design beautiful and functional applications affordably for our clients. To do this, we have a range of experience in design, marketing, development, administration, business strategy, and sales management.

We’ve all started out as freelancers or in the creative industry doing what we love and have all worked together for many years over different projects. Our work is a team effort, it’s not just one person's ideas going into your project, all of us bring our expertise and knowledge to the table.

Over the years our team continues to sharpen their skills, grow their experience, utilise the latest and greatest technologies, and expand their knowledge. How can we ever help our clients improve if we’re not constantly improving ourselves? All this lets the Builtflat team consistently help our clients achieve their online goals year in and year out.

Dylan Mckissock

Graphic Designer

Dylan is one of many designers who work along side Builtflat to help deliver clients their projects. We work closely with freelancers who share a passion for design and creativity.

Our core values.

We take our core values seriously and always apply them to every project we take on and in every interaction we have.

Lasting Relationships

We’re in it for the long haul! No seriously, we’re here to stay so one of our core values is to create great long lasting relationships with all our clients. Through amazing design, affordable pricing, top-notch communication, and giving you exactly what you need, we hope to earn your trust and friendship.

Research First

Before we start any project, we always back-up the direction we take with research on all things related to your brand. We sit down with our clients to better understand the in’s and out’s of their business and brand so we can translate that into our work.

Design & Technology Driven

When it comes to building a platform for your business, we want to ensure it looks and works the right way. Using the latest technologies backed with some awesome designing that keeps scalability in mind, we can create the platform your business needs right now and as your business grows.


Just as you weren’t born yesterday, we weren’t either. That’s why we know that being open and honest is the best policy which we maintain with all our clients. Your trust is important to us so we keep you in the loop throughout the entire process. No hidden surprises, no radio silence, no agendas other than getting your job done properly.

Our approach to the research & design.

Initial meeting.

When a client approaches us for a project a meeting is normally set up for us to discuss the details of the project and begin what we hope is a long relationship. This is done either in person, or over a video or phone call.


Once we’ve discussed pricing and you’ve given us your confirmation to go ahead, we’ll collaborate on the brief which will outline the goals and components of the project.

Researching the business.

After we have a brief to work with, we begin our research stage. This includes researching the clients brand, business, users, and competitors. This helps us build the foundation from which we work from.

Design process.

In this stage we design the blueprint of the project. This starts with design guidelines which will be used throughout the project. Then moving onto key design components such as website layouts, posters, advertisement, or any form of design medium.

User testing.

With everything we create, we test. We make sure that what we’re designing works for our clients and their user base. If we find something that doesn’t work, we go back to the research and design phase to revise.

Meet the team.

Below is a list of people in the Builtflat team. Not everyone is listed below as we work closely with other design teams who are not directly associated with Builtflat.

Jaromme Lawn


[email protected]


Hello, my name is Jaromme. My role at Builtflat is to oversee the management of the design and development departments. I also deal with client relationships and help manage Builtflat as a whole.

Sam Jones


[email protected]


Hi, my name is Sam. I’m one of the directors of Builtflat. Born and raised in New Zealand, I’ve been taught growing up the values of integrity, equality, and hard work - It makes the beer at the end of the day taste that much better! I’m the one who looks after our clients and manages the day-to-day business stuff.