Frequently asked questions.

At Builtflat, we try to answer every one of your questions as best we can. If you have a question for us, it may already be answered below. If not, contact us today.

General questions:


How can I get in touch with Builtflat?

You can reach us through our social media pages, our email address, our website live chat, or our contact form on the contact page!


Where is Builtflat located?

We’re located in Auckland, New Zealand, and worldwide on the web!


Can you explain Builtflat’s revisions policy?

With each project we offer a certain number of revisions which you can use throughout the project to make changes. We have two types. Minor revisions which are small changes, such as moving a logo, changing a font or background colour, or removing images. Major revisions are any large changes, such as redesigning the layout or dashboard,

If you’re unsure what type of revision an edit will be, please speak to your Builtflat representative.


Do I have to be in Auckland to work with you?

Absolutely not! We work with clients all over New Zealand and even internationally. Living in the digital age means you don’t have to be in Auckland to work with us since we can go through the process via video call, phone, and email.


What are Builtflat’s payment terms?

We offer the following payment options:

  • Pay in full
  • Pay as we go. Paying at each completed milestone of your project.
  • Pay it off monthly over 12 months. Subject to terms & conditions before approval.

Late payment fees, interest, references, and subject to credit checks may apply.


Why should I use Builtflat instead of building a website myself with an inexpensive website builder?

A Builtflat website and a self-built website walk into a nightclub. The bartender only serves the Builtflat website because it's optimised for dark mode and he can see it.. Driest joke winner right here but you get the idea!

Self-built websites can work for some businesses, particularly if your website isn’t too complex or if you want to save money. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and the shortfalls of these builders can be damaging to your business and its image.

We make sure our websites are optimised appropriately, follow the best SEO tactics, work perfectly from the get-go with user testing, look beautiful, and more! Our templates have hundreds of customisable combinations and we can even copy and create more features you can find on different websites around on the web. Beyond that, our custom built websites are done from the ground up, built to your specifications.


Why is it so important to have a good website?

Did you know it only takes website visitors 50 milliseconds to form their first impression of your website design with 94% of people basing that off design alone? Did you also know 74% of users admit to making judgements of the businesses credibility based on their website design? We know that, which is why we design amazing websites all based on research of what design works best in your industry.


Is Builtflat a sustainable company?

We aim to be as sustainable as we can be, always assessing and advancing with our goal to leave the world in a better place than how we found it.

Website questions:


Can you modify my existing website?

Yup! No worries, as long as your existing website's permissions allow us to do so. Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you.


What's the difference between a template built website and a custom built website?

Builtflat template websites are exclusive pre-built website layouts that we’ve created as a framework for your website's content. We mix and match different frameworks together, add or remove certain features, and basically build your website like a kitset. Our template websites are great because they save time, money, look great, are optimised from the get go, and we have tons of layouts and features to choose from. We can even create new features to add into our template websites if you find one you like from a different website. Template websites are great for small to medium size businesses, most start up’s, or for personal use.

Custom websites start from the ground up. We take all your ideas and our research and create a fully custom website centered around your brand and customers. The skys the limit with custom websites. We can create gorgeously complex designs, features, and build the perfect platform to give maximum value to your customers. Our custom websites take a bit more time to craft and cost more than our template websites do, but they’re tailored precisely to your brand and customers needs. Custom websites are best suited to large businesses or those who need something complex.


How long will it take to build a template website?

We aim to have your template website completed within 1.5 weeks. The timeframe is subject to change based on the information, content, and feedback you provide us and how long it takes to receive it.


How long will it take to build a custom website?

Custom websites are a bit harder to give an estimate without knowing exactly what your business needs. But they can roughly take between 6 to 12 weeks to complete. This timeframe may change depending on the information, content, and feedback you provide us and how long it takes to receive it. If you want a custom website, contact us today for a more accurate estimate!


What if the template packages don’t have everything I need?

That’s no problem! With us every job is different so let us know what you need. We’ll work it into the relevant package, quote it, and deliver it tailor made for your business.


How customisable is a template website?

Each template website has its own unique layout and features which we can mix and match into a new template website for you if you wish. This means you can take elements from a few different designs and create your own ‘Frankenstein’ template! We can even copy and create new elements to fit into your new template website from other websites.


How does your website live tracker work?

Before we begin, our clients receive login details to our free 24/7 website live tracker which shows live updates on their website's progress. As we work through each project, our team will upload parts of your website to our live tracker section as they’re completed. This will show you the project milestones, their progress, and gives you the option to contact us to pass on your feedback.


Who makes the content for my website?

We encourage our clients to produce their own content for their websites, since they know and understand their business best. We do however offer content creation and copywriting as a service if needed.


Do I need my website to be mobile-friendly? What is that?

Mobile friendly websites are responsive websites designed to fit and function on different sized screens, including phone screens.

Fun fact: Websites nowadays are optimised to work on mobile first before desktop. This is because a majority of internet users browse the web on their mobile devices instead of desktop. This makes it super important that your website is responsive and fits mobile screens. Otherwise the user’s experience with things such as navigation, content browsing, and general interactions can be negatively impacted.


Will Builtflat maintain our website?

The choice is yours on this one! We build our websites with dashboards that allow you to maintain it yourself, or we can have one of our experts maintain it for you. There’s no subscription for this service, we charge by the hour so cost depends on the work going into the maintenance.


Can I update my website myself when it’s finished?

Of course, we’ll set it up appropriately so any elements you might want to change in the future can be edited. This excludes the overall layout and design of the website.


Does Builtflat provide website hosting and domain names?

Builtflat does not provide hosting or domain names, but we can help you find those that do. Usually there are subscription fees to these services with a range of options best suited to your website. Once we’ve completed your website, we’ll migrate it over to your hosting provider for you which is included in the overall cost.


Is SEO included in my new website?

Yes and no. We make sure all Builtflat templates and custom built websites come with the basic search engine optimisation (SEO) practices already built in and optimised. This will help your website communicate with different search engines and rank higher in the search organically.

Beyond that we don’t offer any further SEO optimisation yet but we’re happy to recommend some people who can help you in that field!


What assets do I need to provide?

It depends on the job, so to kickstart the project we’ll provide you with a list of required assets to start the project. Usually we need any brand imagery (Photos, logos, etc.), mottos or slogans, copy writing text, and general business information (Contact, about, etc.).